Down in the willow garden

Here’s a little song I recorded yesterday morning:

Down in the willow garden.
(I didn’t write it, it’s an old traditional song, played by everyone from the Kossoy Sisters to Simon and Garfunkel).

It’s just a live take of me with my guitar in my room. Nothing fancy, but I thought it would be interesting to make such a sparse recording, since I usually add so much.

Also, Aurelia came over yesterday to build the set for our short film. It already looks really cool! It has telephone poles and a road and a sky, and the car is nearly finished. Pictures soon.

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a right nice song, but not too uplifting! Does sound good though.


18 years ago

Thanks for this. It wasn’t until I’d listened all the way through that I realised it’s the same song that Holly Hunter sings as a lullaby in The Coen Brothers film “Raising Arizona” – always brings a tear to my eye.


18 years ago

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