My current position as Game Designer in Residence at MICA is ending in August 2021, and I’m now looking for my next adventure. Send me an email at, or schedule a video meeting.

My current main hobby: film photography and home development. Self portrait on infrared film.

My ideal job is at the intersection of sound, music technology, experimentation, and play. I want to continue to explore, make, release, and share creative work.


I have dual French/American citizenship and Settled Status in the UK, so I can work anywhere in the European Union, the UK, or the USA.

What kind of thing am I after?

  • R&D
  • Teaching Position
  • Funded PhD (read my proposal below!)
  • Creative Technologist
  • Sound Designer
  • Musical Experimenter
  • Game Sound person

Me, in bullet point form:

  • Masters degree in Sound Design
  • 14 years of professional and academic teaching experience
  • Think creatively and critically about sound, music, and interaction.
  • Can develop interactive audio software using a range of techniques
  • Experienced with prototype hardware development
  • Experienced performer
  • Have developed custom interfaces and instruments for a wide variety of clients on a freelance basis.
  • Have run a number of workshops for children and young adults focusing on interactive digital music technologies.
  • Founded and ran the award-winning company Lucky Frame
  • Speak fluent English and French.

What are my priorities?

I would like to be somewhere that is creatively stimulating, socially engaged, family friendly, diverse, and has a healthy approach to work. A good salary is important but of course the exact figure depends on location (as a reference, my current position at MICA in Baltimore pays ~US$75k/year before benefits and taxes).

Things to look at

A downloadable copy of my CV with a portfolio of work

My current PhD Proposal draft: An activist approach to the design and development of new music technology

Check the other pages on this site for my CV, teaching statement, feedback from my students, an artist statement, and a diversity statement.

If you’d like to know more or start a conversation please send me an email at, or schedule a video meeting.