Exhale solutions.

This is a little anecdote about playing underground hip hop for high school students at a vocational school in France.

Click to listen or download.

It’s quite short and simple, I did it all this morning using music by Aesop Rock and an old NPR recording from last November.

In other news, I’m back in Pittsburgh. My trip to the UK was everything I was hoping it to be, and more. Now I’m looking forward to getting back to work on my Projects with a capital P.

[edit: whoops! That mp3 cut off before the end. I’m fixing it now, it should be fixed in a few minutes]

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Hi Yann! Here is your french “fake” cousin, Ivan (frère de Fabrice et Olivier). I come quite often on your blog. So, this french audio anecdote is the perfect pretext for me to praise your work. And especially this last one, which has a special echo for a Parisian like me (!) and no easy moral ending. See you.

18 years ago

Salut Ivan!

Thanks a lot for the comments, I’m glad you’re enjoying it all…keep in touch!


18 years ago

dude you did it again. brilliant.

you know how some people can fill a whole book with their interesting life experiences. you are one of those people. lucky ducky.

18 years ago

hehe, thanks!

I think most people have had just as many interesting experiences as me…so I don’t think that I’m lucky to have the stories to tell.

I mostly feel lucky to be able to document them and have people who care!

18 years ago

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