Video footage and Tea + Jam

Thanks to Anna Seppa, Alex Fong, and others, I have some video footage from my show at the Forest Cafe the other day. The audio is a bit distorted, but it’s rather fun to watch.

Before we get to those, if you’re interested in my current studio project you can read about it (and listen and watch videos) here. It involved building a tea set that generates music and sound. Very fun stuff.

And here are a couple of songs from the show.
Good For Me:

The Oh Be Gentle Strut click to hear the studio version:

Five More Minutes click to hear the studio version:

Each Possible Conclusion (featuring the Wii controller)

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love the video footage! damn that “oh be gentle strut” is something else!
see you soon rolo..

-groanbox boy

17 years ago

the second is ma préférée .. chapo 😉
la suivante aussi, etc. faut venir jouer a toulouse aussi hein’

17 years ago

et puis ca serait pas mal de voir plus de vidéo par la même occasion ptet .. a moins de venir jouer ici ca irait filmé comme ca 😉

17 years ago

You are awesome.

What programs do you use on your mac?

17 years ago

In concert I use Ableton Live, with a little bit of Max/MSP. Glad you enjoyed it!

17 years ago

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