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Last week I got a new toy at a Car Boot Sale – it’s a type of electric harmonium, I think, although it calls itself a “Rosedale Electric Chord Organ”. In any event, it sounds gorgeous, and it feels so great to have an acoustic instrument in my room again!

I find the reedy organ sound so poignant, despite (or perhaps due to) the extremely loud motor that pushes the air through the reeds and the complete lack of dynamic range. I hope to use it to make a bunch of recordings of Bach preludes, among other things.

Here’s the first recording I’ve made with it. Let me know what you think!

The Amazing Rolo – Bach, Well Tempered Clavier, Book One, Prelude 8, E flat Minor

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Neat! This instrument is truly digital. The notes, like transistors are either off or on, nothing in between. It fits Bach beautifully well!


17 years ago

This is so poignant– it really seems to capture aspects of a person’s interior life, I think.

I tried to see the videos by the way but they aren’t showing up on the screen. Could be me though.

xoxoxo gwen

17 years ago

Wow this brings back few childhood memories, am 27 now but i used to play on one of these when i was aged 7 onwards as my grandad had one. not seen it since he died 15 years ago.

17 years ago

I used to have one of these Rosedale ‘Chord’ organs when I was young. Some of the keys stopped working and I eventually bought an electronic organ instead, when I had enough money. I think that the ‘Chord’ Organ cost me £12 from Woolworths. Mine was brown plastic with a chipboard base, but I’ve heard of others who had a wooden one.

I struggle with your description of the sound as ‘poignant’. However, listening to your recording did bring back memories. Thanks for posting it.


15 years ago

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