Feedback from undergraduate students at MICA. You can download the full feedback forms here.

In response to the question: What did you most value about your faculty member? 

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Feedback from students taking Game/Play (introductory game design course at MICA):

  • yann is great! he seems to really connect with his students and provide a good environment for class. 
  • Yann’s super knowledgeable in game theory, i most enjoyed that we were able to make functional games (for the most part) that went beyond aesthetic. 
  • He is really enthusiastic and gives critique really well. I never once felt like he dismissed an Idea even when it was a terrible one. He had a way of making me think about other ideas that would work better without outright say8ing my idea was bad which is a skill. Many people have a hard time giving constructive criticism in a non-negative way and he did a great job of this. He was also really enthusiastic about the subject which in turn inspired us to get excited about it. 
  • his Personality was less of a person who was just teaching me. And more of a real person sharing his own personal experiences 
  • I valued Yann’s prior experience in the games industry as well as his creative and abstract approach to games, which brought an interesting perspective to the definition of games what makes them playable. 
  • cool guy. he knows a lot about games & wants to help us out
    His is very energetic and makes the class pretty fun.
    He made the room feel comfortable and gave it a good atmosphere, where everyone seemed rather interested in what was going on. 
  • Field prowess and approachability
    Adaptability and friendliness.
    I loved the passion he has about what he is teaching, you can just tell by the way he teaches and tries to help others become better.
    He is kind and very joyful. He always smiled and try to teach hard.
    He was very knowledgable about the subject and was obviously very excited and passionate about the creation of games, which makes the best type of professor in my opinion. 
  • Very open minded and helpful, willing to communicate with students
    I love how open and easy to talk to Yann was and how clear yann was about what our projects were and what was to be expected 
  • Creating an environment that was productive but also engaging. 
  • He has a lot of experience in the industry, and he’s very personable and easy to work with. I also appreciate that since he’s lived in/traveled to many other countries, he was able to offer our class a diverse viewpoint on the topic of game design. 
  • Yann is well versed in his game knowledge and always has a game recommendation.
    Brought amazing energy into the classroom that kept it fun and engaging. Really great presentations and projects. 
  • Energy and excitement for the content, as well as constructive feedback and enjoyment of students’ work, felt really good. The way they interacted with us was also really awesome, in terms of engaging on a very respectful and personable level that reduced the Professor Student divide in such a way that our interactions were minimally stressful at worst. 
  • Yann was my favorite teacher this semester. He was really fun, and the level of passion and enthusiasm he brought to the course really buffed my learning experience (wink wink gaming pun). He’s also really smart and good at games! 
  • He is very passionate about this course which has shown throughout this semester. 
  • His understanding manner if things sorta went south, If someone had difficulty coming up with something or if the class had some problem understanding he was able to change the path/schedule on how we were doing the projects so we would have more time to work on stuff. 
  • I enjoyed hearing about his experience and interest in sound design.
    I most valued his imput. I felt that he knew a lot about what he was teaching and showing us in the class.
    kind, funny, inspiring
    I value how kind and invested Yann is, when he would talk about games he would light up. Seeing that as a student makes me realize professors are just as interested in things as we are. 
  • Helpful and engage, always exciting about our works.Willing to through thoughts and answer questions. 
  • His inclusiveness and attitude towards teach students about the fundamentals of game design.
    I value how he keeps the class engaging and fun.
    He was great! Very friendly and understanding, he seemed passionate about gaming!
    I like how engaged and understanding he was! He was willing to help us and was full of ideas to provide another direction we could take our game or how to improve upon what we have.  
  • He has a unique perspective on a lot of things and also is an indie dev. He is very dedicated and funny. He works very hard to put a point across but not in a harsh way. 

Feedback from students taking Experimental Sound Games (special topics course of my own design at MICA):

  • Yann is the best 
  • Yann is a wonderful person that exudes passion for his class and course. His energy draws out the same in his students and as such it’s been one of the best classroom communities I’ve had at MICA. 
  • Explaining the assignment and learning sounds from histroy
    I valued Yann’s willingness to supply us with helpful videos and tutorials for understanding concepts and tools, as well as his positive attitude.
    Super awesome and helpful! one of the most passionate teachers ive had and it really made the class better
    Definitely very knowledgeable and excited about the topic, always kept the class interesting and engaging. Very open to weird ideas and experimenting with the medium 
  • Yann you were wonderful!! Thank you for your amazing class! it was very inspirational as was how you conduct yourself and your classes! I wish you all the best! 
  • I really really really enjoyed this class, even more than I thought I would and I was already expecting to enjoy it a lot. I’d taken one sound art class before this which I really enjoyed so I thought experimental sound games would be right up my alley, and I was right! I definitely learned a lot and I’m really motivated and inspired to keep working with sound and sound games going forward! Also I just had a lot of fun! Thanks Yann!!!