Rolo + Groanbox

Rolo Remixes Groanbox Groanbox at the Luminaire, London Groanbox at the Luminaire, London

I’m heading off to London tomorrow to play a gig with my brother and his awesome band Groanbox. It’s all going to kick off tomorrow night at 7:30 pm at the Luminaire in Kilburn. Tickets and info about the gig can be found here, it should be a great show! I’ll be bringing a whole bag of tricks from Wii remotes to solenoids to Gelkies and back again, and a large part of my set will be devoted to remixing Groanbox songs…here’s a remix I’ve been working on especially for the show, of “Bogeyman” from their latest album Gran Bwa:
[audio:] and here’s an older remix I did a few years ago of “Sea Bone Howl”:
[audio:] [edit // thanks to all who came down, I’ve added a few pictures from the night! there are a few more on my flickr page]

Rolo + Groanbox in the press

Today’s issue of The Independent features not one but two articles that mention me! I’m very proud.

The first is about Wii development, and discusses the Loop Machine at length. The second is about The Groanbox Boys, otherwise known as my brother Cory’s band. I co-produced their first two albums, and we’re planning on doing a third at the end of the month. If you’re in the UK you should catch one of their shows this month, they’re incredible!

A small show in NYC

I just finished working on the new Groanbox Boys album, which we recorded entirely at the family farm in Maryland. Details and samples will follow in a few weeks when it’s all printed up, but for now I’ll say that it’s really dark and complex and unlike anything you have heard before.

Now Cory and I are in New York, and we are playing a show on saturday afternoon in Brooklyn. It’s a free outdoor block party show at the Jalopy in Red Hook. We’ll be on for about an hour at around 1 pm. Hope to see you there!

Groanbox Remix #1

I’ve often mentioned my brother’s band The Groanbox Boys, and their album that I was lucky enough to record and co-produce.

In my free time over the past few months I’ve done a few remixes of their songs. I even performed a few of them at the last show in London a few weeks ago! Here’s the first one I did, hopefully more will follow soon (you can listen to a sample of the original on their website):

The Groanbox Boys – Sea Bone Howl (Rolo Remix)