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The Amazing Rolo - Relatively Paradox Free

Ever since my song Soaked Downtown was used by Mr Charlie Bucket for his Fluid Sculpture video I’ve received several requests for the song to be available for download. This motivated me to do something I’d been meaning to do for ages, so I’m now happy to announce that a short EP of my music entitled “Relatively Paradox Free” is now available to purchase from iTunes and Amazon.

Soaked Downtown is on there of course, as well as five other more recent songs, some of which you may have heard on this blog.


Click here to purchase Relatively Paradox Free on iTunes

Click here to purchase Relatively Paradox Free on Amazon mp3

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Just bought your album! Have been following Cocoringo’s musical exploits, and am excited that you are producing music along with your installations. Awesome!!!

13 years ago

    Thanks so much Liz, hope you enjoy the music!

    13 years ago

nice album name 🙂

13 years ago

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