Rolling and tumbling

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Hello there, I’m back!

First things first, my brother now has his own website, with songs to listen to and news to read:

Also, I now have a nice camera and a flickr account where I have been posting my favorite pictures. The 5 newest pictures will come up automatically over on the left of this page. Nifty!

I’m working on all sorts of projects right now, including learning Max/MSP. If you are interested you can see my first patch, which is a slightly souped-up soundfile player, click to download and play around. The player requires Mac OS X and Max/MSP Runtime (which is free). My next project will hopefully be a fun music jam machine using a Nintendo Wii controller.

And finally, to leave you with some music, here’s a song I recorded recently, based on an Alan Lomax recording of a guitarist named Rose Hemphill.

The Amazing Rolo – Rolled and Tumbled

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