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Last December I took a trip to Ethiopia to work on a really exciting project – the debut album by Afro-Psych-Electro-Rock band MistO MistO.

We recorded a whole pile of amazing material, and I spent a few months editing, mixing, and adding lots of synth tracks. The album is now finished and I think it’s really fantastic, I’m super proud of it. Release details will be announced soon, but in the mean time the band have been making some teaser videos.

Check out “Ambassel”:

Recording in Ethiopia was not always the most straightforward thing, and one thing we had to contend with was frequent unexplained power outages. During one of these episodes we recorded this acoustic session…it’s so good that we’re thinking we should probably do a whole album of material like this!

More details to come soon. In the mean time, be sure to “like” MistO MistO on Facebook and share the videos far and wide.

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