In C at the Barbican

Tonight I’ll be playing with Matthew Herbert + Stargaze at the Barbican in London, performing Terry Riley’s famous minimalist masterpiece In C.

Detailed show info on the Barbican website. It’s sold out, but I’ve heard that more tickets may become available before the show.

We did this performance once before a few months ago, at the Cologne Philharmonie, and it was great fun. This time I think it will be even better…

I’ve built a small family of mechanical drum machines using Meccano and solenoids. These will play different rhythms and keep time (the famous repeating C, for example). Here’s a video I made while experimenting and testing the machines:

I’ll also be doing some live sampling/looping/remixing, of course, together with Matthew and Hugh Jones (Crewdson). Hugh will be using his brilliant new hacked concertina, which is one of the nicest musical interfaces I’ve ever seen.

I’m really looking forward to it.

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