Gol show at the Filmhouse

Category : Gol, Music, Sound Design

I’ll be playing some music tomorrow night at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh. My friends Pete Vilk and Roxana Pope have included me in their Gol project, so I’ll be playing some keyboards and doing plenty of live sampling, Max/MSP trickery, and general sonic mayhem! We’ve been rehearsing a lot lately and it sounds great, a mix of electronic, acoustic, Iranian traditional music, improvisation, and heavy beats. The show is part of the Edinburgh Iranian Festival, which features great films, music, art, and a really nice logo.

We’ve got some more shows coming up, including one very special one that all of you in the internets will be able to watch, so check back soon for more details.

In the mean time, I’ll be headed to London on Monday, for a very exciting interview! Who ever said I was “French-born”? I often find that people assume that your citizenship is the same as your birthplace

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