The Return of the Wii Loop Machine!

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Over the past month I have been working like crazy on the long-awaited Wii Loop Machine 2.0. It is well on the way, and I hope to release it in around three weeks or so.

I will be giving a sneak peek of the new version this saturday the 3rd of November at the Glasgow Science Center, as part of the “Meet the Scientist” programme. If you’re in Glasgow that day I would love to see you and show off the software…I will be there from 11-4.

During the next few weeks I will be using this space to explain why version 2.0 is so much cooler than version 1.0. A small list of new features includes:

– Completely rebuilt from the ground up, making it far more extendable and ready for updates
– Sample accurate syncing, playback, and tempo adjustment
– Far better and more interesting effects, including a funky modulator, multi-tap delay, and a vastly improved granulator/pitchshifter
– all effects, as well as an EQ, available on every channel
– a movement recorder, which remembers what motions you’ve made and applies them to any effect
– real-time samplers on each channel, which run through all of the effects
– ultra-hip new look designed by jonbro
– and much, much, more.

Check back here for updates.

(photo by Alec, i think)

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bonjour M Seznec,

un énorme bisous de Paris, je te fait de la pub du tonnerre et vraipmtn quelle firté de te connaître!
j’espère à bientôt bac in Paris pour une longue discussion autour d’une bonne bouteille de vin dans mon nouvel appart’!


17 years ago

The suspense is killing me. 😉 Can’t wait to check it out. Sounds like some great new features.

17 years ago

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