Introducing the Chicken Box!

Here’s a little demo video of me playing around with a synth I finished building this weekend. It has just three knobs (whose function I don’t really understand) and it sounds crazy cool!

Chicken Box synth
Chicken Box synth
This project, like the Jam Jar, was inspired by a tutorial on All of this synth building will eventually culminate in an interactive installation called “Don’t Talk Back”. More on that later…

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Sweet synth man!

I circuit bent an easy button: check it

12 years ago

[…] funky DIY project from The Amazing Rolo: Playing around with a new synth I’ve just made as part of the research for my […]

11 years ago

[…] My design is based on one kindly posted on hackaday which I built on stripboard (very badly). It produces a simple square wave using a hex inverter IC and a capacitor and resistor, the hackaday article also details how to build in an LFO and other bits and pieces however I’ve saved for the next version which intend to package in a nice box al la amazing rolo. […]

11 years ago

This is great, you’ve inspired me to build one too then I’m hoping to use my arduino to control it.

11 years ago

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