All aboard the Floating Cinema

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Today I’m starting a new project which will keep me busy for most of the summer – I’m very pleased to be artist in residence with The Floating Cinema, a wonderful canal boat kitted out with a miniature movie theatre, for their Summer Tour, which is going from London to Bristol (which takes a rather long time by canal boat!).


For the next six weeks or so I’ll spend a bunch of time with the boat and the wonderful people at UP Projects. I’ll be running workshops and recording sounds, and at the end I’ll use all of the material I’ve collected to make a new piece of work.

I’m starting all of that today at the launch of the tour in Brentford, West London (go bees!). From 2pm-7pm I’ll have a little stall by the boat, and a small pile of microphones and recording machines. I’ll be looking for people to help me record the area, aiding me on my quest to capture the sound of Brentford. I’ll have a list of sounds I want to record – these will range from obvious (cars, the train, crosswalk beeps) to perhaps slightly more conceptual (what is the sound of gentrification? what is the sound of disparity between wealth and poverty?).

Over the course of the whole tour I’ll be uploading sounds to my soundcloud account, posting lots of pictures to my instagram, and of course tracking it all on twitter, so you can follow it all as it happens.

Check the website for full details on my schedule, and to see all the other exciting things that are happening along the way – there are plenty of screenings and workshops for all ages. If you’re in West London today please come by and say hello!

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