Wii Loop Machine 2.0 preview

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As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog before, I am currently working on version 2.0 of my Wii Loop Machine. I’m happy to announce that I’ve just launched a brand new website dedicated entirely to my Wii music software. It has all of my previous Wii blog entries, videos, and information, as well as a brand-new forum for questions, comments, and WLM discussion. I will be posted all of my Wii news on there for the most part from now on.

The software is nearly finished, I’ve started Beta testing and I hope to release it in a few weeks! In the mean time I will be making weekly videos showing off the new and exciting features available in version 2.0. Here is the first video, enjoy!

Wii Loop Machine 2.0 :: an intro on Vimeo or YouTube. Here is a direct link to the video.

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Great! Can’t wait until this is published!

btw, the comments on your wii-subsite aren’t working. The form is linking to paypal instead of your comment-form.

16 years ago

You’re very right, Erik, thanks so much for pointing that out! It’s all fixed now, and I promise I wasn’t trying to get people to pay for the right to comment on my blog!

16 years ago

Hiya – I’m looking greatly forward to trying this out. I managed to get your simplesynth working with no problems, but it seems that there’s some bluetooth issues with version 1.1.1 – no matter, I’ll settle for version 2 :o)

16 years ago

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