Tea + Jam

My friend Pete Vilk and I recently finished a little website about our Tea and Jam project. Check it out!

Tea + Jam

The idea was to build an interface where people could come help us make some sound and music while drinking tea in a relaxing atmosphere. We’re going to keep developing it, so this will probably evolve a lot in the near future.
This week I’m working on a short video. It will be done by Friday, I’ll upload it here as soon as it’s finished. See you then!

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during the video which is showing you making a demo of the Wii Loop machine, you are singing in french at a certain time, my question is “ar’ u french ?”

17 years ago

I’m half french and half american. thanks for watching all the way to the end!

17 years ago

For the less technologically advanced, you should edit the tapes to show better the actual effect of the “tea” and the “Jam” on the sounds.

When do we go to the store and buy workable tea and jam music maker. ?


17 years ago

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