Another sound toy

I’m quite busy these days working on my thesis – I’m making an interactive sound installation based on movement. It’s very cool but very stressful! So all of my other projects have taken a bit of a backseat for the moment.

Well, almost all of them. I have found the time to make a new little bit of software for you. In audio-geek-speak it’s an FM synth where the modulating frequency is generated using subtractive synthesis. The frequency and harmonicity ratio are controlled by seperate step sequencers. In non-geek-speak it’s a fun sound toy that generates rhythms and melodies.

Download (mac osx only for the moment), unzip, and play around:
The Amazing Rolo’s Filtractive Synth 2.0
Update 7.29.07 :: I just uploaded a new and improved version, so click the link again if you already tried it.

I’ll also be playing a gig at the Forest Cafe on August 7th, with some other sound designers. Details to follow.

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