Done and dusted

Yesterday I handed in my thesis. I’ve been working on it since May, and I think it turned out pretty well. It was an interactive sound installation that tracked the location of a listener and changed the sound according to their movement. Check out the website for video, audio, and more.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to the states, and I’ll be travelling all around the world for the next month or so. I’ll be getting back to serious work on the Wii Loop Machine, so hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll have some new toys for you.

Tea + Jam

My friend Pete Vilk and I recently finished a little website about our Tea and Jam project. Check it out!

Tea + Jam

The idea was to build an interface where people could come help us make some sound and music while drinking tea in a relaxing atmosphere. We’re going to keep developing it, so this will probably evolve a lot in the near future.
This week I’m working on a short video. It will be done by Friday, I’ll upload it here as soon as it’s finished. See you then!

Video footage and Tea + Jam

Thanks to Anna Seppa, Alex Fong, and others, I have some video footage from my show at the Forest Cafe the other day. The audio is a bit distorted, but it’s rather fun to watch.

Before we get to those, if you’re interested in my current studio project you can read about it (and listen and watch videos) here. It involved building a tea set that generates music and sound. Very fun stuff.

And here are a couple of songs from the show.
Good For Me:

The Oh Be Gentle Strut click to hear the studio version:

Five More Minutes click to hear the studio version:

Each Possible Conclusion (featuring the Wii controller)